The dramatic and frightening happenings of 2020 related to corona virus remind us our mortality and the fragile  nature of our physical existence on this beautiful planet. HOW TO KISS THE  UNIVERSE, An Inspirational Spiritual and Metaphysical Narrative about Human Origin, Essence and Destiny, can help you understand your true essence through an exciting and entertaining metaphysical narrative. You are, my Sister or Brother, an immortal and unlimited spiritual being indeed. As such, you came here into this earthly school in your physical body, your temporary physical vehicle. You will  return to your true spiritual home sooner or later. Your death will become just another graduation from this school. Understanding of this process gives you unbelievable wings of freedom for this life and afterlife.

This real story will help you get rid of unnecessary conditioning and fears about your death and afterlife. You can learn from the book how you can conquer your ego and unleash your unimaginable internal powers. That can help you  become a happier and more compassionate human being for the rest of your physical life. It can also help you plan your afterlife. I bet that if you are older, you are already contemplating the closeness of your graduation. If you are younger, you can resolve your contemplation now, stop being afraid of your graduation in the future and enjoy your physical life more than ever before. The HOW TO KISS THE UNIVERSE book can show you how to view your limited physical existence as being a part of the greater universal scheme of everlasting spiritual reality.

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Written by Jozef Simkovic
Edited by Dr. Juanzetta Flowers
Narrated by John Steele
Cover design by Aldren Gamalo
Copyright © 2018 Jozef Simkovic