I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your books. After reading How to Kiss the Universe, I’m about halfway through Toward the Ultimate Source. There’s something about them that just makes me happy! It’s been fun to share your adventures, and the TMI language and protocols you use has begun to make some sense to me. I’m not sure that I’m being called to be an explorer myself, but nonetheless, I have enjoyed reading about your voyages. Paula A., Ohio

Jozef, Just finished “How to Kiss the Universe”, my heart is swelling with emotion from the Love you have written and the experiences you have described. Yours is only the 3rd book in the last 6 months that I’ve read where the theme is centered on the Ultimate Love & everything we do to honor our Source Creator. Many other books I have read over the years have felt amiss, something I could not put my finger on, but knew something was missing. These other books have talked about the laws of attraction (true), how we attract everything (true), and create our lives (all true). Although I see the same thing in your book, what I love again is the Love & gratitude you show towards your Higher Selves, your Guides, and your/my Creator(s). It’s almost as if there is to be any deception, the best deception is to be almost true or some truth. That way one could talk themselves into accepting these “near” truths but miss the greatest of these things that Paul wrote about- LOVE. You have instilled the desire to reach out to my Higher Self, and Spiritual Guides and hopefully I can make contact with them. My journey may be about to begin…thank-you again. (D.H. Alberta, Canada)

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I just completed your book How to Kiss the Universe and oh my, I’m so full of gratitude! I’ve been a professional medium for 33 years and this has been the first book that has described the universe, the realms of Spirit and creation EXACTLY as I have experienced it! It is all true! Forgive the redundancy of exclamations but my Spirit is soaring! I am currently at a Sunset Spiritualist Church in tiny Wells, Kansas and have already recommended your book to everyone I’ve seen, I’ll use it next year as a syllabus for a class. I’m also going to enroll at The Monroe Institute which has been a life long wish, I want to learn so much more. Thank you seems too small, may you continue to be blessed, in this life and the next ~Sincerely, Isabella Johnson  

Thank you so much for the book, How to Kiss the Universe. It was such a blessing. I have read it before but re-reading it again. I have questions but I want to read it again before sending my questions and hopefully you would be able to get to them as I am sure you may be quite busy with hundreds of them from all over the world. God bless, Prince Felix

You’ve inspired me to get back into meditative conduits to ‘traveling around ‘. I have the ability,  just not been the right timing.  Been having visions recently of what out reality actually consists of and I assume it’s all headed into the finality of materialism (for me)one way or the other. (B.R., Highlands, North Carolina)

I am a Slovak living in Bratislava and I have read the book in English with the help of a dictionary. It is an original and extraordinary work answering many questions not yet answered by anyone else  in such a simple and effective fashion. The book helped me to compare and modify my own opinions about why we are here on this planet, and  what might happen after our physical bodies fulfill their purpose and stop functioning. The text is an excellent combination of  journalistic reporting and an interesting writer’s fiction style. The author’s technical knowledge with respect to the newest scientific discoveries is reflected in the script. Sometimes, I had to laugh at the weird appearances of beings the author communicated with.  However, it is also a reflection of his desire and determination to tell the story exactly as it happened. The writer also apparently had a need to do some intimate confessions about his regular earthly physical life. I have to admire the courage and abilities of a journalist born in Slovakia and living more than half of his life in our country before leaving to be able to produce such an original work in English. It is really a precious rarity.  Milan

I thoroughly enjoyed your book, How to Kiss the Universe, I read every word several times and ended wishing there were much more.  D.K.L.

I’ve read the book with great interest, recommended it to two classes, bought one and sent it to a  friend in Fairfield, Iowa where the whole town is into meditation. I actually went somewhere on a silver cord once and got back. There are many other of writer’s experiences that ring a bell.  Carolynne

If you want to travel other worlds with your feet on the ground, then enjoy the compelling, fascinating (surprising) stories through time and space. It was fascinating to go through the book. Very amazing to me!  D.I.F. Germany

Hey guys, if you did not get a copy when Juanzetta offered it the first time DO NOT miss out this time.  I just finished reading it for the 2nd time and it is fabulous.  I also sent  copies to two friends for Christmas. P.

You have a great deal of physical and intellectual courage to have allowed yourself to be a part of so many different spiritual adventures.  Thank heavens for your karate skills as you would have been able to defend yourself or duck out of a dangerous situation as needed.  The eye-hand coordination of the ping pong player comes through as one of your mechanisms of relating 1 to 2 and back to 1 ½ and onward and further backward but leaping to much further forward.   Your book and your sharing of it are courageous and admirable.  We  wish you  every fulfillment in ongoing and future explorations of the universal potentials.   Anonymous

Jozef, Wow! You’ve  sure had some amazing adventures that have been very different from mine. Glad you’ve been able to get your story out. See ya again when we finish with local time…L.S.

Last night I began my journey with your book, Jozef. I can see that it will be an exciting journey. Thank you for sharing your story with the world. I can’t think of a more appropriate time of year to be reading this —  Christmas and the New Year– the season of light and hope.  ASL

The book How to Kiss the Universe is the best testament to what religions have been teaching for centuries about God and afterlife. S.A.

It is fascinating. I am going to send a copy to a friend in Michigan. Jozef’s search for answers has been so intense.  I love it.  I am overwhelmed by his experiences and his ability to relate them to the “common” reader. I see success for the book, and that a big name publisher will pick it up.  That will lead to the growth of the Monroe Institute that Juanzetta and Jozef saw in the future. P.P.

Congratulations on your excellent position in the download chart! J.B. The Netherlands

In HOW TO KISS THE UNIVERSE: An Inspirational Spiritual and Metaphysical Narrative about Human Origin, Essence and Destiny  author Jozef Simkovic recounts and records experiences, insights and beliefs he has gained in his personal spiritual journey of many years.  To frame his quest, Simkovic shares vivid images, wisdom, and conclusions taken from his practice of intentional meditation and vivid recollections from the carefully kept journal of his dreams. These are presented with the background of his extensive reading and participation in study programs. Not a dry report of his experiences, the book is filled with lively beings, detailed descriptions, and his own emotions and tenacious questioning.  It leads to his fervent belief in the vastness of universes and spiritual outcomes available to all creatures seeking connection within unconditional love. B.L.

A deeply thought-provoking expression of the author’s spiritual journey and his determination to share what he experienced and learned with those who read it and are open to new awareness.  A plus for those interested in exploring life’s possibilities. K.K.

The story form of the book is  very appealing; it keeps the reader in full attention and curiosity. It has a personal touch in its language. HOW TO KISS THE UNIVERSE  has universal references and appeal. It is wonderful to see quotes from all human cultures on the planet.  So much of what  Jozef Simkovic has shared is in sync with what I have heard from various mentors and spiritual teachers in my life. The author’s personal experiences on his journey make it all come alive in the reader’s mind.  The connection to The Monroe Institute throughout the book shares how this institution has been an integral part of the author’s  journey. R.C.