Dr. Juanzetta S. Flowers is an Associate Professor Emerita from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where she taught graduate nursing education. She honed her editing skills on numerous student master’s theses and doctoral dissertations, and by editing the books of a few friends. She is an avid reader, having taught herself to read around the age of five. Her lifelong love of the written word has afforded her a beautiful rich inner life. She currently participates in three bookclubs.

Her inner life has also been enriched by an over 40 year exploration of her own spirituality. Her principal mentors in this pursuit have been Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell. Her metaphysical spiritual life has also been greatly deepened by participating in 12 programs at The Monroe Institute. She and her husband, Jozef, love being able to walk through the earthly and the metaphysical life together. They eagerly await the time when they will once again dwell on Rama together.


Like Jozef, I have also attended many programs at the Monroe Institute. I also met my own personal Guides during the programs I explored. This column is used by me to post comments I might have concerning both books and/or my own personal experiences with the Other Side. Readers are welcome to respond or ask the questions via our email at  the right sidebar or under this column on your smartphone.



21 September 2023:  Today in meditation after chair yoga, I decided to visit RAMA and I found some very interesting information there. RAMA is entirely a spiritual energy realm and it is where the Soul can go any time it wishes. I also learned today that one can go directly there after death. While there, one can decide to gather all the disparate parts of the Soul from wherever is it in the manifested universes and it can become a whole Soul again. After it is whole, the Soul can make some decisions about whether to return to Source, stay in RAMA and work as an energy being from there, or incarnate as a physical being somewhere. If one decides to return to the Source, then the Soul just dissolves back into the eternal love of the Source.  I awoke feeling absolutely elated!


I was given the beautiful peridot crystal pictured here for my upcoming 82nd birthday by a very dear friend. I love crystals of all shapes and colors, but this one has spoken directly to my heart. It is a powerful representation of the astrological sign under which I chose to be born. The sign of Leo is powerful and demanding and I have loved being a Leo all my life. My Leo spirit gave me the courage to move bravely and boldly into a world that was far beyond that of my formative years. I have had a multifaceted life with a deeply satisfying career and personal relationships. My purpose in this life was to grow my Soul and I have achieved that beyond my wildest imaginings. As a child of 5 or 6, I set some goals for myself in this life. They were to travel extensively, learn and speak a foreign language, and live in a foreign country. I kept those goals alive in my consciousness as I grew. I used every opportunity I was presented to be able manifest them.  Consequently, they have all been achieved in spades. I have been on all seven continents, seen all 50 states and visited 82 countries. I learned German and was able to speak it somewhat fluently while I lived there for three years in my young adulthood. In addition, I studied both Spanish and French.

My career as a professional nurse was incredibly fulfilling. I could never have aspired to the places it took me because I had no knowledge they even existed for the most part. But what I could and did do is to show up and say “yes” when presented with a new and exciting opportunity. My motto was, if I find I am unable to do this new thing, I will bow out, but first I must at least give it a try.  What a ride!  And I loved every minute for the most part. The world was generous to me! I became one of the first two practicing Nurse Practitioners in Alabama, served as a Development Officer for my School and co-founded a Board of Visitors from community leaders, and co-directed a WHO Collaborating Center for my School. We were the seventh Center for Nursing in the United States and the 36th in the world. Both the Board of Visitors and the WHO Collaborating Center are still alive and functioning well some thirty years later.

As I look back at my long life and contemplate why I am still here, I have found no concrete answer except that my Soul still has some growth to achieve. I am still showing up and saying “yes”. Of course, the new and exciting things are fewer these days, as would be expected. I think my purpose is to spread love and peace where I can and to appreciate the beauty of the world and the Universe. I try to send as much positive loosh as I can out into the Universe each day by noticing the beauty around me and attending to the loving and caring people in my life. I feel blessed and peaceful and content. Not bad at all!


Jozef introduced me to the writings of Zecharia Sitchin in 2013. I was mesmerized by his ideas of the planet Nibiru and the Anunnaki involvement in human origins on our own planet. After reading all seven volumes, I had the following thoughts which I recorded on December 29, 2013.

Sitchin writes of the history of our human bodies here on earth. But, the history of our Souls is written in the Universe as a whole. As souls, we are free to explore all the places throughout the Universe where any sentient being can dwell. We are free to experience one or many lifetimes in those places, as many as we wish. The purpose of the incarnations is to learn as much about each of these places as possible, and then to record our knowledge in the Akashic Records for all other Souls to use. Souls are a portion of the Ultimate Reality and, as such, have always existed and always will. A Soul continues to exist until it chooses to return to the Source and become one with the Creator. Each place of incarnation is unique in how it considers the Soul and how it uses the Soul. Each place creates its own idea of a god or gods and then uses this creation to organize life and living in a particular place. On Earth, the pantheon of gods is huge. Who knows what or how it is in other places in the Universe?


I awoke one morning to a very interesting dream. I was with a group of people who were waiting for a bus to take us to the airport. One lady said to me, “Juanzetta, did you remember to check out of the hotel?” I gasped and raced inside the hotel to the registration desk. I asked to check out and the clerk asked if I had any bills to clear. When I said no, he produced a wad of receipts from various charges I had made. I was shocked but asked to look through them. They were all for meals or various activities that I thought were included in my room rate. Evidently not! One receipt was for the sum of $0.83 with no designation for the charge. I found that sum quite puzzling, but agreed to pay it. Just then, another woman from our group came in to say, “Hurry, Juanzetta, or you will miss the bus to the airport.” I turned around and the clerk had disappeared. I asked the people behind me in line if they thought he would return. They did not think he would. I was in a deep quandary, should I leave a dollar on the desk and leave, or stay and check out properly. Then I woke up.

The dream was obviously about dying and crossing to the Other Side. Airplanes and airports are usually gate ways to the Other Side in my dreams. This dream was clearly telling me that my Soul was not quite ready to move to the Other Side. I had a lot of “receipts (aka debts)” to resolve. I believe the dream is connected to one of the exercises we did at the New Year Program that Jozef and I attended at the Monroe Institute. In that exercise, we received five messages from the Universe. One of mine said, “You will return to Rama from which you came. It is your reward for a life well lived and a task well achieved.” That message threw me into deep contemplation. Since learning about Rama from Jozef’s wonderful books, I have longed to go there, especially when life gets tedious on this plane. I was sure that it would be a new and marvelous experience for me. Now, here’s this message telling me that I would be “returning” there. Wow! If I had never been, how could I return?

Rama is a totally spirit world, comprised of unconditional love, where all there have an energy body only. It is where higher beings and angels dwell. I had been there before???!!! I was deeply puzzled. In a long and interesting discussion with Jozef on the drive home, I began to get a clearer picture. The task well achieved did not apply just to the current life I am living, but to all the lives I have lived on this planet since coming here around 100,000 years ago. I came to Earth because the Great Creator had a task for me to achieve here. The task could not be accomplished in one lifetime, but needed many lifetimes to be fulfilled. Therefore, I have been working on this task through the many lifetimes I have had in the intervening years. And, the message seems to be saying that I may have finally done it and can now return back to my beloved Rama. And, my dream this morning seems to be saying that I have a few more small items to clear up before this life’s part of the task is finished. All I can say at this point is, I am ready, willing and able to move on to Rama when the time comes. I smile just thinking about it.


One of the most fascinating aspects of Jozef’s book is how his Star Friends decided to present themselves to him. I have never seen my own guides as anything other than shimmering energy bodies with only vague shapes. But, Jozef’s friends present themselves in shapes that he can easily recognize or are known to him through other media. One of my favorites is Hadien’s pyramid with tiny roots sitting in a basin of steaming water. I always smile when I think of Hadien—he’s a charmer! And, of course, Starman has to look like Jeff Bridges. It makes me a bit jealous. But, my point to you is that you need not worry if your guides don’t present themselves to you as charmingly as Jozef’s do. They may appear more like mine, in amorphous energy bodies. Remember, however they come to you, it is their messages that are the beautiful gifts for you to receive. Be open to them and receive them graciously and gratefully. The Source of All That Is seeks no more or less from you.


Three years ago, I had the distinct privilege of serving as the Matron of Honor in the marriage of my wonderful nephew Charles West to his beloved John Eric Parker. In that role I was asked to read the message on love that Maya Angelou had so beautifully written. I want to share it with you in case you have never heard of it. Feel free to share it with those you love.

“I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded. Loving someone liberates the lover as well as the beloved. And that kind of love comes with age. I am grateful to have been loved and to be loved now and to be able to love, because that liberates. Love liberates. It doesn’t just hold – that’s ego. Love liberates. It doesn’t bind. Love says, ‘I love you. I love you if you’re in China. I love you if you’re across town. I love you in you’re in Harlem. I love you. I would like to be near you. I’d like to hear your voice in my ear. But that’s not possible now, so I love. Go.’ Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination of hope. My great hope is to laugh as much as I cry; to get my work done and try to love somebody and have the courage to accept the love in return. I know for sure that love saves me and that it is here to save us all.”


As Jozef was told in Chapter 32, “a mind is the strongest force in the whole universe.” I have been reading and hearing this concept for more than 30 years now, but hearing from one of Jozef’s star friends really underscored its importance to me. What does it mean that our mind is such a strong force? Well, to me, it meant that I had better be very careful and cognizant of what I was thinking and saying. Because, I have such a powerful force within me, I can use it for good or bad in relation to myself. If I put out love and caring, I will draw love and caring to me. Likewise, if I put out hate and disdain, I will also draw those things to me.

As with many things, these ideas are very easily stated, but not so easily lived. Just think about how many times a day you get irritated at a person or a situation and find yourself gritting your teeth and thinking very unpleasant thoughts. Your thoughts go out into the universe where they live forever. And, every time you feel love and caring for someone or something, that thought also goes out into the universe to live forever. Both of the thoughts become part of the loosh created on our planet. ( I have already discussed loosh in an earlier posting.) So, as Wayne Dyer says, “you were intended out of love, so you must be love in order to intend.” It behooves us to remember that and practice being love as much and as often as we humanly can. We can use our incredibly powerful mind as a tool for good, and in turn draw good toward us.


When I first read about the concept of loosh in Robert Monroe’s book almost 20 years ago, I was a bit perplexed. It really did not make sense to me. But, after reading Jozef’s discussion with his Star Friends about it, I began to be able to wrap my head around it in a more concrete way. Granted, it is still an enormous concept that can fry my brain if I let it, but now I love the idea of it. Jozef learned that every sentient being in every place in all the Universes creates loosh through emotions. It matters not if the emotion is positive or negative, emotions create the energy called loosh. This loosh energy is housed in many places in the Universes where it is processed and becomes usable to the Ultimate Creator. The Ultimate Creator then uses it to create new universes, or (I would think) just about anything that is needed to maintain creation. This means that each of us, and every thing that is alive in any form in the universes participates in creation process also.  We are co-creators with the Ultimate Creator or the One. What a humbling thought!  A few years ago, I had a Life Between Lives session with Dr. Ann Clark in Birmingham, Al. In one of my LBLs, I was a pure energy Being in an enormous mass of pulsating energy Beings.  When I asked where I was, I was told that I was in a loosh processing plant somewhere in our Universe.

Now, the words are very simple English and I can understand them on face level, but go deeper. Realize that even the minutest of creatures only seeable with an enormous microscope is also contributing to the loosh energy. Every single thing that is alive anywhere in any of the universes is making a contribution. And that contribution is going into the collective whole that will eventually be used for an act of creation. Wow, that blows me away. And, it gives me a deep sense of peace to know that we not only contribute to life while we are here in a physical body, but we also contribute to an eternal and continual process of creation that is truly universal.


When I first read Jozef’s first book some 15 versions ago, after he asked me to edit it for him, I was absolutely convinced that I must be very careful to preserve his unique manner of speaking. Jozef has a masterful command of English vocabulary, but his style of speaking and writing in “Slov-glish”, as he calls it, is entirely his own. He uses English words and Slovak grammar rules. In Slovak, the definitive adjectives, a, an, and the, are rarely used before nouns. Slovak also uses commas more frequently than English does, and the sentence structure is much more flexible. Consequently, I found myself mostly supplying the definitive adjectives and revising the sentence structure. Even after 15 editing tries, I am sure there are a few orphan nouns left without their adjectives. So, if you find one, please be tolerant and forgive me.

It has definitely been a labor of love because of the wonderful message of Jozef’s books. Each time I have read it, I have found a new nugget of spiritual information that has gladdened my heart.  I also hope I have preserved his own excitement at the knowledge he was gaining from his Star Friends. The knowledge revealed in this book is unprecedented in some cases and reinforcing in others. As I read it, I find myself a bit jealous of his wonderful experiences. I suspect the same will be true for most readers. Also, since so many of the words and terms used in his books might be new or unfamiliar to you, Dear Reader, I would suggest that you read through the glossary first to familiarize yourself with the new language. Good luck to you with your own adventure in reading these marvelous books. Let  me know your thoughts by sending via our email at the top of the right sidebar or under this column on your smartphone.


It was fun to be with Jozef at the book fair for the American Library Association Annual Conference and Exhibition in Washington, DC on June 22, 2019.  I enjoyed meeting all the people who stopped by our booth for the book signing. But, the two who excited me the most were the gentlemen from the prison system in New Hampshire. It made me so happy that they were choosing various kinds of books to be placed in the NH prison libraries. I had just read some days before that, in many states, the only books allowed in prison libraries were law books. Can you imagine how bleak it would be to only have law books for your reading material? So, I got very excited and gave them each an additional book in addition to the signed copy that Jozef gave them. I can just imagine an incarcerated person reading Jozef’s book about what happens to us when we are not in a physical body. How liberating to learn that there is a much more exciting and rewarding existence in the spiritual world that has nothing to do with the notion of heaven or hell. What inner peace that may be able to bring to an otherwise quite drab world. And, to be able to read about Jozef’s personal journey with his Guides and Star Friends on the Other Side as his funny and animated story unfolds is a real treat itself. As I gave them the books, I said a quiet wish to my own Guides to imbue those books with a loving and generous spirit that would speak to the future readers and warm their hearts. Indeed, that is my wish for all of you who have read already or will read Jozef’s books in the future. Let me know what you think or ask the questions via our email at the top of the right sidebar or under this column on your smartphone.   Juanzetta

I thank Juanzetta for an amazing look at incarcerated people and the ways my first book could help them. And of course also you, dear visitor here, can certainly benefit from reading How to Kiss the Universe and Toward the Ultimate Soul especially if you often feel that you are a prisoner in your own human body and you want to fly. We all often feel like that, don’t we?      Jozef