Hi, welcome here! If you would like to support The Monroe Institute (TMI), you can do so by buying my books from this wonderful institution. The books are now available from TMI bookstore. All proceeds from the sales this way will support TMI. If interested, contact Brandi Bennett at The Monroe Institute:

434-361-1500  or  866-881-3440 (Toll-Free)

365 Roberts Mountain Road, Faber, Virginia 22938  


Hi Brandi,

It is so nice to hear from you as the person who is taking care of The Monroe Institute’s bookstore. My goal always was and is to get more people interested in TMI, especially as regarding new TMI’s goal to reach 1% of the world population.

I am intensively promoting How to Kiss the Universe and Toward the Ultimate Source by all means possible and am investing significant money into that from my retirement savings from my career at the Voice of America.

I am currently receiving a significant amount of positive 5 star reviews from the professional reviewers as you can see on my website. There are 72 customer ratings at Amazon for How to Kiss the Universe, out of which 51 are 5 stars. Toward the Ultimate Source was published in November 2021 and some very nice 5 stars reviews have recently come in.

Both books are also available as audiobooks read by the professional Audible narrator Mr. John Steele. I can offer the codes for a free download for those interested in the United States and United Kingdom while they last.

It would be nice if TMI would send  information about the availability of both printed books being in TMI bookstore to those on TMI’s email list. It could bring a little money for now, but also possibly increase interest to come to TMI either the first time ever or again, either in person or through your online courses.

Both books in English language can also be bought for the retail price in 12 additional countries, where TMI already has built a big following: Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, India, Sweden and Poland. Also, I believe if the books would be listed in TMI online bookstore, that could create a similar effect as well. You could also mail them from TMI store to any country for any price with the handling and mailing charge.

Brandi, thanks again, and all the best to you, and greetings to everyone at TMI,

Jozef Simkovic with Dr. Juanzetta Flowers   July 24, 2022

Hi Jozef,

I hope my email finds you well.

I took over the Monroe bookstore in February 2021. I am getting low on copies of “How To Kiss The Universe” and was hoping you could point me in the right direction of ordering them as well as your newest book that you sent here recently.

Thank You!

Hi Jozef!

Thank you so much for your book and good wishes! Brandi will be in touch about your book and the possibility of carrying it in the store.

Allyn Evans, Executive Director and President, December 16, 2021

Monroe Institute Promotional Video

Dear Jozef,

Thank you for being a part of the Monroe family. Your tax deductible contribution will be used to help others from around the world who are exploring human consciousness. Your gift helps ensure that all costs for delivering each retreat are fully covered.

During the closing circle at the New Year’s retreat that ended on January 2,2021, Jan and Rich said, “We were skeptical about taking a course on Zoom. But we loved this! We are already home to put this into practice!” 

As we know, the world is a different place today. We’ve learned that visual retreats are here to stay. So, with support from people like you, we will make each retreat better as we help a broader audience experience their fullest selves.

Thank you for helping bring the Monroe Institute into people’s homes. The campus will open again at some point. Until it does, you have my promise: we are putting our best into each and every program. With your support, we are making Bob Monroe proud. Warm regards,

Faith McGown, Chief Development Officer, April 6, 2021

Hi Jozef,

Thank you for supporting the Monroe Institute through your many financial gifts in 2020! Thank you for being a part of the Monroe family! Your generosity makes it possible for more people around the world to expand their consciousness. Warm regards,

Lori L. Jacobwith, Chief Operating Officer, February 1, 2021

Dear Jozef,

Your tax deductible contribution allows Monroe Institute to adopt how we help more people like you create more meaningful and joyful lives. Campus may be temporarily closed for residential retreats, but every day our team is collaborating to creatively share our impactful technology virtually.

As Nabil, a recent course attendee shared, ” I have learned more from attending the Monroe programs than I did from attending school…the world will be a much happier place if enough people go through the Monroe program.”

Your contribution, Jozef,  helps ensure others have profound and transformational experiences. Thank you for your continued support.

Lori L. Jacobwith, Director of Development & Partnership at TMI, September 30,2020


Juanzetta and I took part in a 5 day New Year’s program 2019/2020 at The Monroe Institute with 16 other very energetic and joyful participants being lead by 4 trainers. I continued in my research of consciousness with the sequel on my mind and had amazing experiences.  Juanzetta also had a great time with hers. The picture by Mrs. Pamela Howard is showing us happy at the famous couch in the white carpet room in the Nancy Penn Center. You can see I am never without a pen and my diary.

A very pleasant surprise for all of us was 18 year old Hayden from Illinois. Despite his young age, Hayden stole our hearts with his obviously wide knowledge of spirituality. We called him “an old soul” and nicknamed him “our grandpa.” He is the  proof that they are others like him out there growing and waiting to become the spiritual leaders of the future. I am with the trainer Patty Ray Avalon on the second picture  welcoming the New Year 2020.

I introduced my book to the group and received enthusiastic support. I am very thankful to every participant and the trainers for giving me more courage and energy  for further promotion.  Any help from you, dear visitor,  is also highly appreciated.


Dear Mr. Simkovic,

Congratulations on your book, How To Kiss The Universe.

We are happy to be  an outlet for authors whose voice aligns with our mission of expanding awareness for personal growth.

Thank you for your generous commitment to donating a percentage of sales to support Monroe’s efforts. The research we do and programs we offer serve one purpose, to provide the information and inspiration for seekers of personal expansion to, in the words of founder, Bob Monroe, “go find out for yourself.” We appreciate your support.

Sincerely, Scott Taylor (signed)

TMI also put information about the book on their Facebook page on August 26, 2019. Many thanks to  Scott M. Taylor, Ed. D, President and Executive Director, to Jennifer Whedbee, Marketing Director, and to Denise Files, Store Coordinator! 


The interactive event  happened on August 15, 2019 for the Discovery program participants, thanks to the TMI bookstore coordinator Ms. Denise Files.


Jozef, thank you so much for your lovely contribution and sharing your book royalties with us. What a kind and generous gift!  I enjoyed reading your TMI experiences and hope what you’ve learned here continues to serve you well! The mission of TMI is one of service. We believe that the exploration of human consciousness is the next frontier. In many ways we are laying the groundwork for generations to come.

Your generosity not only enhances our continuing efforts to thrive as non-profit educational and research organization, it also speaks volumes regarding your own personal commitment to the evolution of human consciousness. With blessings and gratitude,

Nancy H. McMoneagle
Executive Director and President
The Monroe Institute
February 19, 2019