HOW TO KISS THE UNIVERSE describes the shocking spiritual  trips of a journalist from his physical body all the way to the Source of everything. These trips were powered by intention, Love and gratitude. This original and unique narrative is based on deep breakthrough meditations using modern technology. The book challenges traditional paradigms of the essence of human consciousness as portrayed either by science or religion. It recounts using not only biological physical bodies as vehicles, but also a variety of non-physical vehicles in other dimensions. The story covers all possible aspects of human consciousness which can travel without limits beyond local space and time. It details instant spiritual travels by the speed of thought throughout, and even out of the known universe. This non-fiction book, written in an exciting and entertaining fiction style describes sophisticated ways of relating to higher beings, like spirit guides and star friends who reside in non-physical realms. This is done by using non-verbal communication beyond the human senses.

The narrative can help you find answers for your long-asked questions about the purpose of your life on this planet and about your spiritual past, present and future. This true story will help you get rid of unnecessary conditioning and fears about your death and afterlife. You can learn from the narrative how you can conquer your ego and unleash your unimaginable internal powers. That can help you gain new unexpected internal freedoms and become a happier and more compassionate human being.


HOW TO KISS THE UNIVERSE is the true story describing the personal spiritual quest of a journalist. It provides an example of how one can embark on her or his own quest to discover one’s own purpose in life, to get rid of the fears and unnecessary conditionings about the afterlife, and to become a happier and more compassionate human being on this planet.

It is based on fifteen spiritual meditative programs at the famous Monroe Institute and hundreds of private meditations which resulted in an extensive diary describing the meetings and conversations with a variety of spiritual guides and highly developed entities who occupy the non-physical realms of our universe. It explains Robert Monroe’s spiritual discoveries by using plain language and entertaining dialogues easily understandable by anyone without direct psychic, spiritual or metaphysical experiences.

Countless communications with personal spiritual guides and star friends led to revelations of many insights and secrets about humankind, the planet, the entire universe and beyond, and to understanding the creation of universes and souls. Stories and conversations are presented exactly as they happened. The Reader can find help here and inspiration for answering questions such as: “Why am I here on this planet? What is the purpose of my life?   Where did I come from?  Was I here before?  Why do I have to die?  Why do I fear to die?  What happens after I die?  Is there a God?  How did it all begin?”, and many others.