Planning for the Afterlife:

TOWARD THE ULTIMATE SOURCE describes the continuing shocking metaphysical trips of an experienced trailblazing spiritual traveler, a former journalist, from his physical body all the way to the Source of everything. Through an exciting and entertaining true narrative based on meditations using modern technology, he leads us into the environment of unconditional Love where angelic beings reside in his quest to understand the core of a human spiritual existence and purpose. He engages those beings in amazing conversations which lead to incredible revelations. The author travels not just into the distant galaxies, but beyond the universes and into the micro-cosmos as well. He explains from a metaphysical point of view such aspects of deep spirituality as out of body and mind of body travel, remote viewing, artificial intelligence, and hybrid travel beyond the speed of light. The story also includes examples of how he spiritually helped his loved ones on the Earth and beyond.

The author challenges a reader to think about her or his own way to find answers to these fundamental questions without any constraints established by politics, religion, and science. He is showing how to choose from unlimited possibilities for an  afterlife, such as how to prepare for conscious reincarnation on Earth. Other ways include leaving the planet entirely, becoming an angelic being, or eventually returning to the Ultimate Source, our true spiritual home. The full understanding of the story can help anyone gain new unexpected internal freedoms and become a happier and more compassionate human being in the life on this planet.